I remembered when watching Iron Man, a movie from Marvel. Tony Stark was a billionaire, and it’s obvious that he can get anything out of his pocket. But the strange thing is, when dealing with his illness, Tony just built a suit out of nowhere to mask the weakness he had. He could’ve done like anyone else, just give up and live the life as it used to be. Hanging out with chicks, making millions and life the live. But no, he wants to make his life harder, and decided to build an armor suite just to revenge to the people who had done the illness.

Life was easy for Stark, and he needed it to be harder. One way to do it is by feeding on his negative motivation, revenge. I’ve known many people who are constantly feeding this emotion and not letting it go. Because letting the emotion go will mean they will have nothing “meaningful” in life. Life is not just flowers and rainbows. After all, we always want to make life more difficult.

Dead is very easy. You just commit suicide and that’s it. Your problem will gone.
Life is hard. You cannot just sit around and make life easier for you.

Nowadays, life is made easier by the help of the tools, electronics, gadgets and technology. No wonder that many people who only want the present don’t want to make their life harder, only easier. This makes them lazy. Losing weight? Just drink pills and not exercise. Get the easier one.

Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” Many people misunderstand this quote and tell everyone that life should be easier, not harder. However, Einstein was talking about mathematical equations, which states that for example if you have 20/60, you can simplify it to 2/6 or 1/3 but not 13.

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