asin-to-upc-lookupHave you been working on online retailing business that requires you to understand products coding systems? Have you also been struggling with looking up database in different systems like Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) to Universal Product Code (UPC) lookup in your retailing process? Looking up same retail product in different area or database requires you to understand product coding systems and their difference coding among different regions or databases. Such idea is, however, important when you want to expand trade beyond local regions. Understanding these coding systems and how to convert both for similar products will help you in getting required data for the products you want to buy or sell.

Understanding ASIN and UPC

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is product coding system for such products within retail. ASIN consists of ten digits as the specific code for particular product for sale. Since Amazon retail provides very wide area of product kinds, such coding for their products make it easy to put into database and catalogue. Not to mention, Amazon provides wide variety of products, including books, e-books, furniture, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, etc. Moreover, its wide trading expansion creates number of affiliates across continents, making it required to standardize product coding or enabling conversion among different coding systems. Almost all the time people from around the world make access to Amazon products database and catalogue for many purposes. Some of them access database to copy detail specification of provided products, to monitor market development, to monitor product prices, and to make order of products as well. This access of database, especially from region with different coding system, requires conversion. Access from European countries, for example, uses European Article Number (EAN), a 12 to 13 digit bar codes specifying a product, its manufacturer and its attributes. Whereas other extensively used code product is Universal Product Code (UPC), with worldwide use in products retailing, packaging and shipping. When these different systems come across Amazon database concerning about the same product, conversion for ASIN to UPC lookup, in particular, is required. Such way will help looking up products and their specification within Amazon database from different region with different coding system.

How to convert ASIN to UPC

When you cannot look up products for they have different coding system, you can access the database in several ways. First of all, you can try accessing Amazon affiliate sites to gain necessary product information. There are many affiliates of Amazon that gives you database access with mostly similar required information. This idea is however easier since such affiliates often works within local region domain, providing you mostly with products information according to local coding system. With such access, you can gain market and price information that help you monitor trading development for your own business, or just to make better choice in purchasing products. Second, you can convert ASIN to UPC. Converting ASIN to UPC requires access to converter websites. You can try on among many converter providers to help you in accessing original Amazon database. Conversion for ASIN to UPC lookup will help you in finding the most reliable product information.